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"Transforming and Strengthening
Congregations to be
Missional, Pastoral, and Prophetic"

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Presbytery Meetings


June 12, 2018

Call to Presbytery Meeting at Kirk in the Hills, Bloomfield Hills
Pre-Presbytery Meeting
2:00 - 3:30 PM Workshop on Faith-in Action Grants (Heritage Hall)

2:30 - 3:30 PM Innovative New Community Grant Meeting (Abby 28)

[No flyers were provided]
Action Papers - Requires Vote
Paper A-1 Docket

Paper B-1 Stated Clerks Report

Paper B-2 Minutes of the March 10 2018 Meeting

Paper B-3 Ordination-Installation Commission Reports

Paper B-4 Omnibus Motion

Paper D-1 Coordinating Cabinet Report
Action Papers Added After Mailing - Requiring Vote
Paper N-1 COM Report

Paper O-1 CPM Report
Information Papers - No Vote
Paper C Treasurer's Report

Paper Ha Trustees Faith-in Action Report
Papers Available at Meeting
Order of Worship 180613

Paper B Some Parliamentary Principles

Paper F Nominations Endorsement Form

Paper S Report of the Morse Commission 180612
Hand-outs/Flyers Available at Meeting
Broadstreet Health Fair June 23

SDOP Workshop June 28

Faith-in Action Phase 2 Application

Boundary Training Oct 2018

Garden City Strawberry Festival June 15

Garden City Health Fair July 19

Troy First IMPROV_Dinner Theater June 24

Stewardship Oct 23 with Robert Hunter

Grapevine June 2018