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The Parish Paper

2018 12 -- Getting to Know Our Neighbors

2018 11-- How to Develop Habits for Well-Being

2018 10 -- Don't Disagree, Deliberate -- How to Lead Community Conversations in Your Church

2018 09 -- Checking Up on Clergy Health

2018 08 -- How to Raise Money for Your Community Projects

2018 07 -- Inviting Informing and Including Newcomers

2018 06 -- Making the Nursery a Place of Belonging

2018 05 -- How to Balance Hospitality and Church Security

2018 04 -- Church Energy Use

2018 03 -- Finding Significance as a Small Church

2018 02 -- Best Practices for Church Members Serving as Staff

2018 01 -- 18 Questions for 2018
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The Parish Paper

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