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Committee on Prep. for Ministry
Meet: 1st Tuesday at 10:00 AM


The Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) oversees the preparatory process for individuals to become Ministers of Word and Sacrament (also called Teaching Elders) and Commissioned Ruling Elders.

Read a brochure about the CPM's work.

The policies and forms used by the CPM are located on this page.

For Potential Ministers of Word and Sacrament

CPM Manual

Forms 1a-1d are used to prepare materials in advance of a meeting with the CPM to enroll as an Inquirer.

POD Form 1a

POD Form 1b

POD Form 1c

POD Form 1d

POD Form 2a

Forms 2a-2d are used around the first meeting time with the CPM. The potential inquirer fills out the first page of form 2a and the CPM fills out the following documents with the inquirer's help.

POD Form 2b

POD Form 2c

POD Form 2d

Form 3 is to be filled out in preparation for the Annual Consultation, the meeting that must take place between the individuals under care and the CPM every 12 months. The CPM fills out Form 4 to share with the Inquirer / Candidate to work on the goals until the next Annual Consultation takes place.

POD Form 3 rev 03-13

POD Form 4

Forms 5a-5c are used when an Inquirer wishes to move to the Candidacy phase of care.

POD Form 5a

POD Form 5b

POD Form 5c

Form 6 is to be used when an individual is Finally Assessed to be Certified Ready to Receive a Call.

POD Form 6

Forms 7a and 7b are used when transferring care from one Presbytery to another, or to withdraw from the care process of the Presbytery of Detroit.

POD Form 7a

POD Form 7b

Commissioned Ruling Elder Resources

CRE Manual

CRE Progress Checklist - a CRE Trainee may use this list to monitor progress to complete all requirements.

Application materials to become a CRE Trainee. Prior to the first meeting with the CPM, an individual must ensure that the following forms are completed:

Application Form

Reference Form (3 references are required)

Session Recommendation / Evaluation Form filled out by the Clerk of Session

After this meeting, an individual becomes a CRE Trainee ("CRET") and begins in the "Entry Phase," during which the CRET undergoes a psychological assessment and any other steps required by the CPM. When those steps are complete, a CRET enters the Learning Phase, which includes education by an approved site and a field education experience.

Forms for Annual Consultations. The Pre-Interview Consultation Form is to be filled out in preparation for the Annual Consultation, the meeting that must take place between CRET and CPM every 12 months. The CPM fills out the Report Following Annual Consultation form following the meeting. The CRET is responsible for working on the goals established on the Report Following Annual Consultation form until the next meeting with the CPM takes place.

Pre-Interview Form for Annual Consultations, including answers on a separate page

Report Following Annual Consultation Forms

CRE Field Education Forms

Field Education Application

Field Education Skills Evaluation